How To Rank YouTube Videos – YouTube SEO For Beginners [Keyword Research]

We all know that getting your YouTube video out there can be a bit of a struggle, especially in today’s saturated, extremely saturated YouTube landscape, however, there are a few things you can do regarding your YouTube description and tags for your whole SEO and your search engine optimization.

How To Rank YouTube Videos – YouTube SEO For Beginners [Keyword Research]

So, hopefully in this article you’ll learn a little about what you can do to further reach more people and get more recommendations on YouTube. So first off you have to remember what YouTube, is it is a Search Engine and you have to be able to be searchable, obviously.

YouTube SEO For Beginners

You know with all the entertainment and tutorials that are on YouTube you have to understand what kind of category your video falls in, and obviously you want to appear in those search results.

How To Rank YouTube Videos

There are a few things that you can do literally right now in some of your videos to just rank a little higher, one of the things obviously is tags. Honestly don’t necessarily matter anymore, even Google themselves is saying that tags are not necessarily affecting how your channel ranks, obviously it helps with you knowing some search results and YouTube further identifying what your channel is so it’s definitely still like doing your tags.

Don’t just ignore them, they’re not necessarily going to give you like a whole entire advantage versus your description, now a lot of big creators don’t really put anything in their descriptions anymore because they already have that following.

They don’t need that extra SEO boost anymore, but if you notice a lot of the channels that are just blowing up right now, you go to the descriptions, and they have a science to them now obviously you want to copy and paste your title in your description.

YouTube SEO For Beginners

So, YouTube automatically knows what the video is about because the video description isn’t just telling YouTube viewers what the video is about it’s also telling YouTube what the video has to do with, so then they know where to put your video in recommendations.

So, literally, it’s as simple as okay copy and pasting your title so YouTube, can you know more recognize what your video is and also just giving a brief description of what you’re talking about in the video and then one of the big things which I see a lot of small creators are not doing is I don’t want you to spam anything in the description but try to make a long sentence of things that have to do with whatever you’re doing.

If that makes sense, so if there are keywords that you notice that people are searching don’t just spam those keywords, write a descriptive sentence talking about those specific keywords and name-drop them multiple times throughout that sentence that’s going to give YouTube more Search Engine Optimization and that is going to help you to further identify what your video is about another helpful thing that you can do it also just makes your video look a little more professional is putting hashtags in your videos.

So, anywhere in your description you’re gonna want to put a hashtag (#) and then write out whatever you want the hashtag (#) to be, but there can’t be any spaces and then that’s going to appear on the very top of your video it’s gonna appear on top of your title.

That’s going to help you appear in that category even more when someone searches for that and also just makes your video look pretty legit, not a lot of small creators put hashtags (#) in their videos. So, I just think that that gives you a little bit of an edge and makes you look a little bit more professional Search Engine Optimization is all about keywords so you’re going to want to keep filling your description with keywords that have to do with your video and the higher up your keywords are in your description the more of a chance you’re going to have to rank for those keywords I’ve seen some people suggest name dropping other content creators in your tags or your description. If you’re going to do that make sure you’re not just spamming the most like relevant trending YouTube content creators.

If you’re going to name drop any content creators, I would suggest putting in your description like this channel is similar to blank blank blank. So, people who like those types of videos will tend to like your videos as well so YouTube will kind of suggest your content with those content creators I’ve started to test out that method so later down the line.

I see am I getting video suggestions on these content creator channels so, again, it doesn’t matter how good your video is if you don’t have it optimized to be searched, it’s not going to be found by anybody and the few people that do find it are not going to like it. Just because it has low views, there’s a few helpful chrome extensions like Tubebuddy that help you see YouTube analytics even more and help you rank for keywords.

So, you can kind of get a better idea of what people are searching for link is in the description if you want to have you know better analytics once you start paying attention to this stuff you’re already going to be one step ahead of everyone else and like it’s full proof that you’re going to get more views and more engagement and you’re going to get more impressions on your channel.

Overall, so it’s not going to be a question of, like, will this work, I don’t know it, no, it literally does work, as long as you take that little bit of extra time to get your video as discoverable as possible, you’re going to find yourself a successful channel in no time you’re going to be making money online.

It’s going to be awesome, thank you guys so much for reading this article, please let me know if this helped you out in any way shape or form that’s enough out of me to remember anyone in YouTube.

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