How to use WhatsApp on Computer Android Phone 2021

Hello everybody ‘Faheem Rasool’ here welcome to my blog I’m here to save you time and money and today is how to use WhatsApp on your computer desktop.

WhatsApp on Computer Android Phone
If you’ve got WhatsApp on your Android Phone it’s really, really simple to just transfer it straight across to your big screen and use it on there right let’s get cracking, just gonna have a quick cup of tea before we get started oh, take your Android and then go into the WhatsApp App you can see here I’m on my Chats.

How to use WhatsApp on Computer Android Phone 2021

So, what you want to do is up in the top right hand corner you’ve got this three dots, so just select the Settings then you want to select WhatsApp Web\Desktop.

whatsapp desktop

What that does that activates your camera waiting for a QR Code what you need to do now is on your computer or laptop open up a web browser I’m just going to open up Google Chrome and then type in

how to use whatsapp on pc with android

This will then sit on a web page with a QR Code waiting to be scanned by your phone now you’ll notice here you’ve got this ‘keep me signed in’ tick box I’ll come to this later on but I don’t want to be kept signed in so I’m going to keep it unchecked now go back to your Android and it’s waiting to scan the QR Code.

whatsapp desktop windows 10
So I’m just going to move it across very slowly, so you can see how it works and as soon as it picks up the QR Code then BOOM TIME we are in WhatsApp on the computer now this is absolutely identical to what you’re seeing on your Android Phone so what you can basically do is you can do anything that you can on your Android Phone.

So you can read messages, you can send messages, you can play videos, I’m just going to play this video clip here just very quickly, there’s a link above now about how to clear your WhatsApp chats to save lots of space on your Android Phone.

how to use whatsapp on laptop
I’m just going to go to one of my contacts here friend and just type in a quick message anything you do on the WhatsApp website will be replicated on your Android Phone that message that I’ve just sent and the new one that’s just come through is on my Android Phone here now if I type a reply on my Mobile likewise.

If I then go back to the website you can see it just pops up there now earlier on I explained about the check box where you want to keep yourself signed in and I didn’t do that but if you did what can happen is if you close down the website when you come back in it will just remember exactly where you were now you don’t probably want this.

Because if your partner’s a bit of a spy they might go onto your WhatsApp and start checking all your messages so I always make sure that I keep that checkbox unchecked or definitely when you’ve finished on your website on the WhatsApp just click on ‘log out’ I’m back on my Android Phone.

Here, if you go to Settings and ‘WhatsApp Web Desktop‘ it will show you when you were last active today on Windows and you can log out from all devices from here.

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