What is SEO Search Engine Optimization?

What is SEO Search Engine Optimization: There are many ways to generate traffic to your blog or website including social traffic, organic traffic and referral traffic, and traffic from search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo). Organic is called organic traffic is the best source of traffic, so let’s find out, what is SEO Search Engine Optimization?

What is search engine optimization

What is Search Engine Optimization?

SEO is a process by which we optimize our Blog or Website in such a way that it is high rank on Search Engines, and can gain organic traffic to the Blog or Website.

The full form of SEO is Search Engine Optimization, and this technique is used to optimize a website for Search Engines.

Whenever we have to do some search on the Internet we use some or the other search engine. 75% of people in the world use Google Search Engine. In addition to, Google, Yahoo, Bing is also a Search Engine that is used to search anything on the Internet. In these Search Engines, we bring our blog to the top position with the help of Search Engine Optimization.

We use keywords to Google, search for anything on Search Engines. The results we show in Search Engines for our included keywords are based on their own ranking. The top-ranked result for which keyword is called Rank No.1. All the sites on the internet try to get it to the No. 1 position in Search Engines.

We need to use SEO in the post to get our site or blog to the No. 1 position. The better your blog or SEO, the higher your blog will rank in search engines. And when your site ranks high, traffic to your site will start coming in and your site will become popular.

How many Types of SEO?

What is search engine optimization

Generally, SEO is of two types:

On-Page SEO – When writing an article, whatever content is implemented in the article, optimizing the heading content quality, keyword placement, title, tags, etc. It is called on-page optimization.


Off-page SEO – The off-page method we implement to improve a website’s rank on Search Engines, which uses more link building activities, is called off-page optimization.

SEO important Factors:

  • Content quality is a very important factor in SEO. If the quality of your content is good, visitors will come to your site, and search engines will automatically provide high rank to your site.
  • Keyword placement is also an important factor in SEO, we should place relevant keywords at intervals in our post.
  • Using visual content such as images and videos on a website makes readability easier, visual content attracts more visitors than text
  • Backlinks are part of page optimization and are very helpful in raising a site’s rank in search engines. Backlinks allow your site to be linked to another site, which increases traffic to your site.

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