How To Turn Off or Disable Off Facebook Activity in Android/iPhone

Hello all, welcome to my blog and back again with another awesome article. In this post, I’ll tell you How to Turn Off or Disable off Facebook activity very easily. Normally, when you visit any website, or when you search for any product online or using any applications.

Then you would be seeing ads relevant to your search activity on Facebook. So have you ever thought like how Facebook shows those ads related to your search activity, which you are doing outside Facebook?

How To Turn Off or Disable Off Facebook Activity in Android iPhone

So, the reason behind it is those websites which you visit, or the applications which use, share some sort of information, related to a search activity to Facebook, so that Facebook can run the ads and show those ads related to your search activity or match your interests.

If you want to stop those websites or applications from sharing such information related to your search activity to Facebook and stop Facebook from showing ads matching your search activity, which you’re doing off or away from Facebook, then it can be easily done by disabling or turning off the off Facebook activity. Which is available in the Facebook settings.

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How To Turn Off or Disable Off Facebook Activity in Android/iPhone

As the stage has been set, let’s get started. Let’s see how to disable or turn off Facebook activity on your Android Phone, and the same steps can be followed to do the same on your iPhone, iPad and desktop version of Facebook.

Step #1:

Let’s jump into those steps. Then open your Facebook. Then tap on the three vertical bars at the top right corner. and scrolled down where you can see an option called “Settings and Privacy“, just tap on it.

disable facebook tracking

Step #2:

It will show more options and click on the “Settings” button. Then scroll down until you find an option, related to your your Facebook information. There is an option called “Off Facebook Activity” which clearly says that we can clear activity from business. or organizations you visit off of Facebook.

how to turn off offline facebook activity


Step #3:

Then tap on it and it shows list of applications or websites with shared information related to your interest or related to your search activity, which you do on those applications to Facebook. and you could say there are a few lists of applications which you see at the top, and there are a few more applications.

To see the list of all the applications which shares information related to your search activity with Facebook, click on an option called “Manage your off-Facebook activity“, under “Waht You can do” section, just tap on it.

how to turn off facebook activity tracking

Here it shows list of all your individual applications, which is sharing information related to your search activity to Facebook and scrolls to the top or bottom, where you could see a banner which says that, how did Facebook uses this activity? And it clearly says that.

Facebook uses activity from business organizations. based on the business tools provided by Facebook so that they can better understand your search activity and Facebook uses this information to run ads based on your interest and search activity.

There are two ways to turn off the Facebook activity. You can turn off this only for one application, or for all the applications at once. so first, let me show you how to disable your off Facebook activity for a single application.

how do you turn off off facebook activity
Let me select one of the applications or disable this Facebook activity for one of those applications, so tap on the application and it shows what all the information or activity it can access on the application.

Scroll to the bottom under the “What you can do” section and there is an option called “Turn off future activity from this application”. Just tap on it and tap on the “Turn Off” button.

how to disable off facebook activity in iphone

It says that future activity from this application will not be shared with the Facebook. If you want to turn off our Facebook activity from all the applications at once, there is an option called “Clear History“.

how to turn off off facebook activity in android
Just tap on it. It says to clear your Facebook activity from your account, which includes all these applications. Click on “Clear History” button. It shows that the success message and your off Facebook Activity from all applications has been cleared and there is no future activity will be happening on it.
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