Spectrum Mobile Reviews 2019 – Is Spectrum Mobile Any Good?

Spectrum Mobile Reviews 2019 – Today I want to talk to you about Spectrum mobile service. I’m gonna try to make this as quick as i can. I decided to go ahead and sign up for the service. I ordered a galaxy s10 plus and I’m gonna break this down into a couple of different sections. So I can answer each of these questions here.

So I want to make sure that I cover everything. if I do not cover something that you need to know ask me in the comments below. I will give you the best answer i can.


In this Spectrum Mobile Reviews 2019, So first I want to talk about the ordering process. It was super quick and easy. now I will say that you do have to have a Spectrum Wireless Internet Services at home in order to get Spectrum Mobile Service.


Here you can read Customer experience about Spectrum Mobile


Spectrum Mobile Reviews 2019 | Outlets and Billing

There was no kind of a credit check at all. You just have to have your regular bill paid up. If you’re behind on your bill, they’re not gonna let you order the mobile service. They had awesome options as far as phones.

I said this is the Galaxy S10 Plus could have got a brand new iPhone anything. Basically you just go on there you look through all the stuff and you choose what you want. In my case i got mine in instalments. You can pay the full price or you can get instalments mine is $52 a month. It was the best thing they had available 512 gigs.


Spectrum Mobile Reviews 2019 | Courier and Delivery Time

Let’s see it was a maximum of a five minute process you. Basically click the thing that says start shopping. You choose the phone you want you sign up real quick. You make your payment and you’re done. Now You’re waiting for two days for it to arrive. It only took two days to arrive and it came via FedEx.

So that was good it came in a legitimate. Galaxy S 10 plus box everything in the box was legit the headphones, charger and plug switch. Everything it came with a SIM card in it. So as far as the the product that I received everything was 100% legit and 100% brand new.

Spectrum Mobile Reviews 2019 | Plans and Pricing

You also choose your plan and there’s only two plans. The first one is $14.99 per gig and the second one is $45 a month unlimited. Now with the unlimited plan, once you have used 20 gigs. I think it slows the the service down from 5g to 4G or something like that.

I don’t remember exactly how that works. Just know that once you hit 20 gigs it slows it down. I can tell you, I use my phone for everything mean everything all day long and in a two week period. I have only used like 2.1 gigs.

So I can’t even imagine what you would have to do hit that 20 gigs mark. I don’t even know so I mean for me it’s gonna be 45 bucks a month. Unlimited plus the $52 a month for the phone itself. So we’re at $97 and that’s it unlike other companies. They don’t add on a whole bunch of other things to increase your bill, like they say it’s gonna be $97 a month.

It’s $97 a month with my other service Sprint. I mean it’s supposed to be under $100 a month. It’s always over because they add on all these other little extra things. Like hey you looked at the phone fee you picked up the phone fee.

You made a call fee you know any kind of fees they can think of to add spectrum does not do that. They say it’s $97 a month like I said I got the phone within two days from FedEx. I signed for it everything was legit. I brought it in the house. Opened it up and checked it out the setup was a maximum of 15 minutes and probably nine minutes of that was me fumbling around with the phone trying to figure out.

Spectrum Mobile Reviews 2019 | How to Setup it?

How to use it you basically turn your phone off you go online you hit a couple buttons and it’s done now. Of course I’m going from an iPhone to a galaxy so I wasn’t able to just switch over all my contacts and all that stuff, that’s not what this is about anyway that I’m just saying you know that’s kind of thing right there is going to increase your time of setting up your new phone through spectrum.

But the initial process of activating the phone itself, it’s just real quick I mean it’s like five minutes they do give you the option of keeping your present phone number or getting a new phone number. I took a new phone number because I’m still using my old service through Sprint if I had already closed that out.

Setup Your Phone Number –  New Or Old (Read Carefully)

I would have just kept the same number but they do give you that option and if you decide to get a new number you cannot go back later and change it to your other number. So whatever you decide to do at that point. That’s what it is so after I set it all up I used it for two weeks so far and I am blown away by the service. I absolutely love it. it’s not 100% perfect but I don’t think there’s a service out there that is going to be 100% perfect.

Connectivity and Stability

I can tell you that in comparison to anything else that I have used this is the best in testing this out. I used the phone everywhere. Went through areas where know that my Sprint service drops calls.

I went out to the lake, among trees, means completely surrounded by trees where my Sprint service would not hold up at all and this held a signal for me to make calls and do live streams on YouTube. You can actually see those live streams on this channel. If you want to go watch them and see how the service was it held connection at the lake among the trees in.

In a storm and in rain during a tornado warning I mean I literally went outside during a tornado warning and I did a live stream on YouTube because I wanted to test this out and I really wanted to put it through everything that I could to see.
How it would hold up it held the connection every time it. It got a little choppy when the weather started kicking up and when it really started pouring rain that’s when it started pixelating, but not until then and like.

I said you know that was out around the lake totally surrounded by trees so just the fact that it held that connection is a testament to the service. I also took calls in an abandoned building and I went out and I did a live stream for an hour today.

At an abandoned mall I attempted that before with sprint and it would not even connect so I would have to say that the service through spectrum is absolutely amazing, like I said it’s probably not going to be 100 and perfect.

I don’t think there is any service out there that’s going to be a 100% perfect but this is probably as close as you’re going to get. So all around what I recommend it yes yes I definitely would I am looking forward to having a long service life with Spectrum Mobile.

Spectrum Mobile Reviews 2019 | Recommendation

Simply, I recommend it all the way you.

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