Social Media Strategy for Professional Services 2021

If you are a professional service provider and want to use Social Media to Market your business and bring in more clients then I have a strategy for you. You can start using this strategy today and with consistency it will help you to brand your business and attract new clients.

You can grow your business and increase your revenue Hi there, my name is Faheem Rasool and I teach business owners, entrepreneurs and content creators how to turn online conversations into real world customers.

Social Media Strategy for Professional Services

Social Media Strategy for Professional Services

Today I will share with you how to create a Social Media Strategy for Professional Service Providers and if you want to make your social media work for you instead of just creating more work for you download my Social Media Strategy Planner.

This will help you to get a jump start on your Social Media Strategy and save you tons of time the link is here before we get started I’d like to invite you to join my online community by subscribing to my YouTube Channel and hitting that notification bell. So, you’ll know when my next article goes okay time is money when you’re a professional provider in fact many providers actually build by the hours think lawyers accountants consultants.

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So, if you handle your own marketing yourself or you have an assistant you will want to create and manage a Social Media Presence that is highly efficient and effective, here’s how you do it first let’s talk about where should you be you’re a professional.

Which Social Media Platform to Use:

So, absolutely you want to be on LinkedIn with all professionals all the time, in fact I have to give kudos to LinkedIn for keeping it so professional for so long, not only will it allow you to connect with people you’ll be able to trade valuable insights keep up on things that are going on in your industry and make those connections.

That is going to really serve you on the professional level next there’s Twitter and here are the benefits journalists news organizations politicians and other authority figures are on it, build your own authority with Twitter through insightful posts, shares and general one-to-one conversations.

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I mean journalists are on it, you should be on it too in fact I made another video about how to use Twitter for free pr so check that one out after this third on my list is Pinterest and you might think that’s a little weird right, but Pinterest is all about pinnable content and this will help to get your name and information out there so if you write any kind of blogs or articles oh you definitely want to create a pin for it, it will be shared it will be pinned and it’ll create that longevity in your social content that you want, so it’ll be searchable, and it will be found by the people that need you most.

Types of Valuable Social Media Content:

So, let’s talk about some types of valuable content that you can use I just mentioned articles, but you can also create infographics these are things that can educate your clients and address their needs, you can also ask questions, find out what’s on your audience’s mind, find out what they’re talking about, what they need, what it is that you could truly help them with, or address in another post.

Ask your current clients for testimonials and post them with professional services, the proof is always in the pudding and your client will value knowing that you value their opinion professional service providers can live and die through referrals and that means that your clients no matter how many or few that you have right.

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Now they are the key to helping you create valuable content that you can post on social media and keep reposting, remember with professional service referrals next you can address why a person needs your service and what the value in hiring a professional don’t make it overly sales and don’t post coupons and discounts you just undervalue your service.

When you do that customers don’t want a hundred dollars off a legal consult they want a kick-ass lawyer to show them that you are a kick-ass lawyer or whatever it is that you are next you really need to know when you should post and how much.

When to Post:

So that’s really about consistency and expectations, even if you only post a few times a week it will show consistency and when your name shows and searches it will show the customer that you are timely and relevant to their needs, and you’re still in business.

So, times to post really depend on your time zone so post when people are most likely to be awake and searching for content like yours I know we went through this super quick so feel free to rewind but if you have questions about a good Social Strategy for your specific business please leave them in the comments your question might be on someone else’s mind.

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So, ask away, you’ll just be helping the community and I want to invite you to join my online community by subscribing to my channel and hitting the notification bell, so you’ll know when my next article goes live and the bell is somewhere down there and if you want to make your social media work for you instead of just creating more work for you to download.

My Social Media Strategy Planner this will help you get a jump start on your Social Media Strategy and save you tons of time. I hope you found this valuable if you did share with a friend and until then I will see you in the next article, have a great day oh and look for me on LinkedIn we should connect you.

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