Simple design with DesignCap

Simple design with DesignCap


What is DesignCap

DesignCap is a website with free tools that can offer users a variety of tools, such as templates, image art, infographics, posters, templates, etc. PearlMountain Limited developed the website. We don’t need to create templates anymore because the DesignCap website already provides many beautiful and cool templates with various categories that have been provided. The following are the template categories currently offered by the DesignCap website.


DesignCap presents itself with linear and clear graphics: two aspects that facilitate the use of this web tool for those at the first steps with design and those who are more experienced but have little time to devote to these activities.

Key Features provided by DesignCap

DesignCap also has main features. Here are the main features provided by the DesignCap website.


  • Thousands of templates to start creating your designs
  • Large library of stock photos and illustrations
  • Can add images, text, backgrounds, maps, and modules
  • Easily design projects without a steep learning curve


Starting a project with DesignCap

The easiest way to start the design is to choose one of the many proposed templates (all accessible in both paid and free versions) and modify the graphics according to your needs. If, on the other hand, documents with customized dimensions are to be created, access the “custom size” menu directly.


The template

Once you have chosen the graphics to start from (presentations, infographics …), the template menu opens. The choice of templates is comprehensive, and it is possible to change the template at any time while working, selecting “templates” from the menu on the left.


Warning! Changing the template will not save the content of our project, which will therefore be deleted.

The elements: shapes and icons

One of the peculiarities that makes this software interesting is that it offers a series of icons that can be recolored as desired. Very useful feature for infographics and presentations.

To access this function, just click on “elements” from the menu on the left and choose shapes (“shape”) or icons (“icon”) to be inserted in the project.


The software also offers a selection of images accessible from the “photos” menu and divided by category. These images have been licensed for use by the software, so there is no copyright for all projects created with DesignCap.


This means that you do not need to attribute image ownership, but also that you cannot use these images for presentations other than those created with DesignCap.


Those who want to use their images can do so through the “uploads” function.

Note that the copy-paste of “external” images to DesignCap is not enabled, so they must first be saved on the PC and then loaded on the platform.


All images – both those present on DesignCap and those uploaded from our computer – are editable. To do this, just click on the image. At the top a menu will appear that will allow us to:

  • change the color tones of the image
  • add filters
  • crop the image
  • rotate it
  • flip it
  • duplicate it
  • align it to the page

The graphics

The chart function is very useful for creating reports, presentations, and infographics. Also, in the free version, all the most common graphs are available, and in addition, there is the possibility to develop maps to represent data or geographical information.

Texts and backgrounds

Once you have chosen the text layout option, we have a wide variety of fonts available. While the different layouts are limited unless you choose a paid plan, the fonts are all also available in the free version.


The “backgrounds” can be modified by choosing between a solid color, a textured or a gradient. Obviously, it is always possible to use an image among those proposed (“photos”) or upload one of our choices (“uploads”) to use as a background.


DesignCap’s “modules” function is undoubtedly the most interesting one. In fact, it allows you to use some elements already “assembled” to create a good design for our project quickly: in one click, you can insert texts, icons/images, and shapes in a single graphic solution to be customized at will.

Save, download and share the project.

Once our graphic design is finished, you can download it to our computer and choose the file format (if we have opted for a paid plan) or print it. It is also possible to share it directly on social networks or via email.


Warning!  DesignCap doesn’t save automatically, so it’s best to remember to save now and then.

Free or paid DesignCap?

In order to start creating graphic projects with DesignCap, you need to register.


Suppose you just want to explore this tool or plan to use it rarely. In that case, I recommend accessing  DesignCap Free: the free version allows you to use a limited number of contents (templates, photos, icons without the diamond at the top right), to export only in jpg, upload a maximum of 5 images, and save no more than five projects.


If you want to have access to all the graphic contents, you can choose between a “basic” and a “premium” plan.

DesignCap Basic and  DesignCap Plus, they are paid: in both cases, you can access unlimited content (templates, photos, and icons), but the difference between the two plans (in addition to the price) lies in the number of uploads and saves allowed. With the “basic” version, you can upload up to 100 photos, with the “premium” 1,000; up to 100 saves with DesignCap Basic, 1,000 instead if you opt for DesignCap Plus.



Once you start using DesignCap, you will be attracted by it. DesignCap is easy to use and affordable. Even if you use the free version, you can enjoy good service. If you need design software in your daily life or work, I think you should choose DesignCap without hesitation.

You can enter from this link. If you have any questions, you can leave a message or contact customer service. Now, you can start your design.



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