How to Recover Files from a Digital Camera using Wondershare Photo Recovery

Hello everyone, in this article I’ll be showing you How to Recover Files from a Digital Camera using Wondershare Photo Recovery. The first step, of course, is to go ahead and connect your digital camera to your computer and then we’re going to go ahead and launch Wondershare Photo Recovery.

How to recover digital camera photos

Once we have it loaded up, we’ll simply click on the Start button to get started and it will be brought up with all the drives that are connected to our computer if you don’t see your digital camera drive or which you want to recover.

Wondershare Photo Recovery Tutorial 1


Simply click on the Refresh Drives button, of course, make sure it’s plugged in and it should pop up in this case.

How to recover digital camera photos using wondershare


I have it right here in my NO NAME Drive and I’m going to make sure I have it selected and click on Filter Options.

Select file type photo recovery

Inside here we can select various options to refine our search in the First Section we have file type so these are the file types that we’re going to search for and in this case we have a lot, so I’m going to go ahead and select them all and deselect them all.

I’m going to go ahead and select some video files as well as some of these photo formats and this will refine our search and make it a lot better and make it faster so that we can find the files that we’re looking for, this is a bit more advanced but it’s an option that gives a lot of control.

What it is is that allows us to set up our starting sector and our end sector of where we’re searching on our digital camera, adjusting these options will allow us to go into different regions on our digital camera to search for different data but once all of your options are good and set up.

We’re going to click on the Scan and it’s going to start searching through our digital camera for the file types we’ve selected and the amount of time this will take will depend on how large your digital camera is as well as how many file types.

Once you have selected the skin has completed it’s going to go ahead and load all the files that we found and it will also show us down here how many files we’ve found 119 in just under 3 Gigabytes so what we’re going to do is go through and select all the file types we want and deselect all the ones we don’t want in this case.

I’m just going to grab all of these mp4 files once we have all the files we have one selected in the bottom right, it’s going to show us how many files we have selected and how large in this case one file that’s just over 500 Megabytes and to recover any of these files we have selected.

We’re just going to click on the recover button, select a location that is not on our digital drive and click on recover and now it’s going to go through and recover all of those files that we’ve selected and the time this takes of course will depend on how many files and how large they are and once.

The file recovery process is complete it’s going to load up the folder where everything’s been safe too and everything is neatly organized by type of media and type of file, and we can go in and view our content back it up or do whatever we’d like to do with it and that is it for this video I hope you guys enjoyed that is how you recover files from a Digital Camera using Wondershare Photo Recovery.

You can download the full version click here.

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