Merge Multiple Images InTo One PDF File In Android Phone

How to Merge Multiple Photos or Scanned Copies into one PDF file in Android is what we’re going to see in this post. Hi all, welcome to SaveFreeStuff and I am back again with another magnificent article.

Suppose you have numerous pictures or scanned pictures, at that point it is exceptionally simple to share every one of them immediately by changing them over or consolidating them into one PDF file.

Merge Multiple Images InTo One PDF File In Android Phone

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As the stage has been set, let’s get started. So this is a simple PDF file, which I created by merging multiple photos or scanned images which are in my gallery.

How To Merge Multiple Images InTo One PDF File In Android Phone

So, this is what I’m going to learn about you in this article and how we do that in Android. So, to get started, make sure you head over to the Google Play Store and search for the “Microsoft Office Application” and install it on your Android mobile.

Microsoft Office Application

Many of Android users might already have this application installed in their Android mobiles, because at one time or another, we work with Word, Excel or PowerPoint. Apart from working with Microsoft Office products, this also allows us to merge multiple images or scanned photos into one PDF file in Android.

So let me show you how to do that. Once installed, just open this application and at the bottom, you could see an option called “Actions” just tap on it and scroll down till you find a section called do more with PDFs. Under the section, there is an option called “Pictures to PDF”, which allows us to create PDF from your pictures, just tap on it.

image to pdf


And go to the folder where you have all your images which you want to merge them as a single PDF file. Just select all the images that you want to select. At the bottom, you will see an arrow, just tap on it.

It shows individual images, just swipe from left to right, so that you can work with individual images. On the top, you could find an option to delete this particular image or you can crop on it by tapping the crop option.

how to make pdf of multiple images in mobile

Once you’re satisfied with your cropping, just tap on Confirm. You can add a text to your image. Like let’s say let me add some text to it. You can adjust it, you can even draw on the image just tap on the Pencil icon.

Select the Color you can draw on the image. If you want to add some more images, there is an option called “Add New” in the bottom left corner, just tap on it and select the image which you want to add. I don’t want to add any more images, just tap on the back button.

how to merge several photos into one pdf

And I’m done with the changes just tap on the Done button at the bottom right corner. And it creates a PDF file and it shows all the images which are merged into a single PDF file.

You can even just scroll to the bottom and see all the images. If you want to add any text to these images, just tap on the text icon. You can type whatever text you want and choose the color from the color palette and many more. Once you’re done with the editing, just tap on the tick mark on the top left corner.

You can share this PDF directly with other applications by tapping on the share button at the bottom right corner. If you want to save this PDF file locally on your device, just tap on the three vertical dots on the top right corner.

Next, tap on the Save As option and choose the location where you want to save on this device and give it some respective to your name as per the document and click on the Save button.

image to pdf converter app

Then the PDF file which you created by merging all the images into one will be stored on your device and you can share it easily with others. So this is a simple way to merge multiple photos or scanned images into one PDF file in Android so that you can share it with others very easily.

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