How to increase likes on Facebook Page

How to increase likes on Facebook Page? If you use Facebook then you must know what a Facebook Page is. Maybe if you also have a Facebook Page then it is very difficult to increase the likes Facebook page.

How to increase likes on Facebook Page

If you are an actor, or anchor, it doesn’t take long to increase your real likes on Facebook Page, but if you are a normal person, likes on your Facebook Page come very hard, and then you go to Google and other Search Engines. You start searching. ‘How to Promote a Facebook Page? Or Facebook Page likes Increase like a case. If you also have very few likes on your Facebook Page and you want to increase the likes on your Facebook Page, then this post is for you, so read our whole post ‘How to Increase likes on Facebook Page’.

How to Increase likes on Facebook Page? Before you know it, you need to know what a Facebook Page is. And why is a Facebook Page created?

What is a Facebook page?

Facebook Page is also like our Social Profile. Uses of Facebook Page are often used by people to promote their business, Facebook Business Page related to their business or to make themselves popular. Some people also use Facebook Fan Page for hobby. Many actors, actresses and celebrities also create their own Facebook Fan Page.

On Facebook Page you can share Photos, update Status, share your Videos, chat with your Facebook Page and there are many more features that you can use in Facebook Page.

Anyone can like you on the Facebook Page and meet you, meaning you need to accept the request on the Facebook Page, you can ask your friends directly for any Photos and Status updates on the Facebook Page you can also like the page.

You can add up to 5000 friends to your friend list in your Facebook Profile, but you can add unlimited people to your page on Facebook Page, it means anyone can like your Facebook Fan Page, and connect with you.

How to increase likes on Facebook Page Real Likes?

You must have understood what a Facebook Page. And why a Facebook Page is created? If you also have a Facebook Page of your own, if there are very few likes on it, then you can increase the likes on your Facebook Page. Facebook Like Booter Facebook Page Auto-Tracker means Facebook Page Likes Generator With the help of Like Booter website and Android app, but in this post I am telling you how to increase real likes on your Facebook Page.

If you don’t want to increase the number of likes on your Facebook by using Auto-Liker, you can also increase the number of real visitors to your page or the number of real Facebook Page likes. In this post I will tell you that you can also increase the real likes of your Facebook Page.

How to Increase Likes on Facebook Page?

To increase the likes of Real Facebook Fan Page, first you have to follow all the points given below. If you want to increase the likes on the Facebook Page, then let us know how to increase the Facebook Page likes with the real method.

  1. Facebook Page URL Settings:

The URL of a website is the same as the URL of a Facebook Fan Page or Facebook Business Page, you have to keep the URL of your Facebook Page short, so that it is not difficult to understand, the Facebook Page URL has to be set. Follow the steps below.

  1. First, open your Facebook account
  2. Now, you have to go to the settings of the Facebook Page.
  3. Then you have to click on Page Info.
  4. Then you have to click on Edit on the Facebook Web Address.
  5. Click Change Web Address and then change the Facebook Page Link Address.


  1. Upload Good Looking Page Cover Photos.

You should upload a good and best quality, good looking Cover Photo on your Facebook Page because from the cover Page your Facebook Page will look interesting.


  1. Upload a Profile Picture related to your Page:

What is the topic of your Facebook Page? You need to upload a Profile Picture for a Facebook Page related to the same topic, your Facebook Page Profile Picture should also be clear and good-looking.


  1. Share Post Status related to Regular Page Topic:

In order to make your page even more attractive, you have to regularly share Photos, Posts and Statuses related to your page topic, your Facebook Page must be related to post attractive and page topic, then your Facebook Page the likes will increase. How to increase likes on our post Facebook page by using real like method or the most important point, your post should be good and understandable to people.


  1. Invite Facebook Friends to Like the Page:

In order to increase the likes on Facebook Page, you have to invite your Facebook Friends on your Facebook Page. If you have 1500-2000 friends in your Facebook Profile, you will definitely get 500-600 Facebook Page likes from these friends.


You can also invite your friends to your Facebook Page by requesting from your friends on your Facebook Page which will increase your Facebook Page likes even more. Invite your Facebook page at night time, why? At the moment, many people are online on Facebook.


  1. Share your Facebook Page:

How to increase the likes of Facebook Pages? To meet with real like method to increase Facebook Page likes, you can share your Facebook Page with Facebook Group and share it on other Social Media site too.

If you have a website, you can also add your Facebook widget to your website.

So friends, this is “How to Increase like on your Facebook Page”, dear, so please tell us how you like our post “How to increase likes on Facebook Page” by commenting. If you like this post to share with friends, don’t forget to give your opinion.



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