How to Highly Compress File Size using WinRAR

Hello all, welcome to my blog and back again with another awesome article. In this post, I am going to tell you how to highly compress file size using WinRAR.

How to Highly Compress File Size using WinRAR

To Learn how to compress large files to small size, you have to follow every step shown in this post. Compressing file size has several advantages, as small size means that its easy to upload and takes less time in data transfer.

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Now let’s get started. This is a file with size 405 MB. To compress folder, we are going to use file compression software. So, today you will learn how to highly compress a file using WinRAR.

How to Highly Compress File Size using WinRAR

WinRAR is the best and most widely used compression software. You can download from here WinRAR.

In order to compress this file, you have to select the folder and right click on it and click “Add to Archive“.

compress file size


Now, Go to >> General Tab, First of all select the RAR in the group of Archive format. you can see Compression method and click drop-down and select the Best.

how to compress a file size


Now, go  to the Dictionary  size  group  and  select  128 MB.compress a file


Now, you can click on Create solid archive and click on Lock archive then click on the Ok button.


To Highly Compress the file, you have to follow the settings on Screen. The file has been compressed, New File size is 270MB. We have reduced the file size by almost 40%. This way you can compress the folder size by using WinRAR. If you face any problems during the process, then please comment below. I will surely respond. Like Share and Subscribe.

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