Google Pixel Buds 2020 Appear at Bluetooth | Everything You Need To Know

So the new and the truly wireless Google Pixel Buds just dropped and already it’s starting to look very exciting because it’s got some features some magic tricks that you don’t see in other truly wireless earbuds not from brands like Bose Sony and more recently Microsoft. In fact this is kind of like google telling those other brands that this is the way that you should be doing truly a wireless year buzz but before we get to those new features let’s touch on some of its basic specs. Also you can read important information about Smart Glasses 2020 and iPhone 12 latest leaks with iOS 13.3

The new Google pixel buds does not look like it supports Bluetooth 5.0 because on the website it says that the Google pixel buds will play nicely with phones that use bluetooth 4.0 and above. So 5.0 I don’t think so most likely we are talking about bluetooth 4.2. However that does not seem to matter because if we were to take what Google is saying about the Google Pixel Buds. They use class 1 Bluetooth like the Apple earpods.

So Bluetooth range outdoors could be as far as the length of a football field which is 100 meters there already sets it apart from other truly wireless earbuds in the market, because as far as I know only the Apple earpods by far use class 1 bluetooth and now we have the Google Pixel Buds as well.

Google Pixel Buds 2020 Appear at Bluetooth | Everything You Need To Know

Google Pixel Buds 2020

They are also sweat and water resistant but to what extent Google did not say they also have a five hour battery in the year buds and an extra 19 hours in the case so that gives you a total of up to 24 hours which is kind of like the battery life of the air parts. They’ve also got USB C charging and it will be available from 2020 year in the US and a hundred and seventy nine dollars (179$) in four different colors.

OK now that we’ve got basic specs out of the way. Let’s talk about what’s really special about these year buds have instant pairing with phones that you Android 6.0 firmware and above. So it’s kind of like the instant pairing feature that that the airports have with iPhones. So Google is bringing that feature to the table with the Google pixel but they also have hands-free Google assistance.

So you don’t have to press the Google assistant button anymore and you don’t have to tap on the Google home app just speak into the ear buds. So the ear buds are always listening and you can even do real-time translation with it. I suspect with Google Translate here but our noise-isolating. So they do have ear tips that plug into your ear canal but I gotta say that I’m not very sure about this spatial red at the bottom of the year.

That google is claiming will allow enough ambient sound in so that you can remain aware of your surroundings. I mean if I were to pick a pair of ear buds which are noise isolating. I will want it to isolate as much noise as possible but tell me the comments section below guys how you feel about this a spatial vent thing that Google is toting as this big feature.

I’ve got some mixed feelings about this to be honest but maybe you feel differently. So feel free to hit me up in the comment section but the new pixel buds have some other exciting new tricks like what Google calls a deaf tip sound the ability to adjust automatically.

The ear buds volume depending on whether you are in a loud place or a quiet place. So the microphones since they are always on will be able to listen to your surroundings at all times and adjust your ear buds volume accordingly and I think that this is a pretty neat feature.

It would be great if the new picks up but also had ambient sound passed through you know one type of the year but and the microphones will pick up and pewter through and the unsound. So that you can remain aware of your surroundings but from the website it does not seem like the new Google Pixel Buds have ambient sound passed through but I could be wrong.

So I will get back to you when new information becomes available but perhaps the new Google Pixel Buds most exciting magic trick if I can call it that is its unique microphone system.

OKAY so listen to this it’s got two microphones for each year but so already you know that there’s an emphasis on better voice pickup for great vocal quality and of course Google assistant but it complements that with accelerometers in the year but then pick up vibrations from your jawbone. So it’s kind of like bone conduction technology is it I could be wrong but is this bone conduction technology we’re talking about.

So what we really need to look out for is how big of a difference is this gonna make is it gonna be vastly better than say more traditional beam forming voice pickup technologies that your bud’s like the Jabra elite 65 T and now the 75 T uses because one of the biggest challenges that truly wireless earbuds face is precisely voiced pickup. How is it gonna pick up your voice while the earbuds are so far away from your mouth and a lot of truly wireless earbuds have attempted to solve this issue using software.

So will this job born vibration pick up technology change things for the better is this gonna be an approach that future truly wireless earbuds will adopt to solve this challenge. So this is shaping up to be an exciting pair of truly wireless earbuds to check out when it arrives in Singapore.

I’m super hyped up right now and I will come back to you with more information because Google hasn’t told us everything yet like how is it codec support gonna be like is it gonna support SBC AC and more importantly for Android devices aptX and can you use each earbud independently for voice calls or is it gonna be a master slave set up like so like the cheaper wireless earbuds.

So at the price of 179$. I think that this is quite groundbreaking well it faces a few challengers in the market like Microsoft’s new surface but and the Amazon echo buzz and also your buds from the more traditional brands like sony bose audio technica. So I’m pretty excited, I’m pretty hyped up still but tell me in the comments section below guys what you think about these earbuds. They are horizontal line buffs and you’ve got a whole range of pretty neat looking groundbreaking even features.

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