Galaxy Note 10 Plus – 5 Best and 5 worst things – The Good and The Bad Review

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus

The Galaxy Note 10 Plus has proven to be an excellent phone. But just like every other phone out there this one is not perfect. So we’re gonna be taking a look at five great and five not so great things about the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 plus.

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Galaxy Note 10 Plus - 5 Best and 5 worst things - The Good and The Bad Review

Galaxy Note 10 Plus –  Display

Now let’s get the obvious out of the way when we’re talking about the display. This is probably the best display on a smart phone as right now. It’s big, it’s bright, it’s crisp, colourful and it’s just a pleasure to look at and use.

Sure it doesn’t have a 90 Hertz refresh rate and a good amount of people out there dislike its curves. But regardless it is without question one of if not the best panel on a phone for consuming media and getting stuff.

Galaxy Note 10 Plus –  Performance & Battery

Next we’re talking performance loaded with a Snapdragon 855 and either 8GB or 12GB of RAM. Samsung Galaxy Note 10 plus is very fast and very powerful those specs along with Samsung software. refinements make for Swift and strong user experience unhindered by lag starters or anything like that in my experience. This phone has been absolute butter and it’s shown that it’s quite the monster both on paper and in real world use now.

What is great performance without a great battery life. I’m happy to say that the Galaxy Note 10 plus has excellent battery life with all of that power and such a big bright display. I guess it’d be unsurprising if the Galaxy Note 10 Plus didn’t have great battery life. But it’s a 4300 mAH of our battery is strong and it provides more than enough juice to get you through the day with heavy use.

You can expect to get anywhere from seven to eight hours of screen on time and even more with lighter more moderate use. It’s a good stuff.

Galaxy Note 10 Plus –  Camera

Next we’re talking cameras the Note 10 plus Cameras are very familiar as they’re pretty much. What we got with the S10 Plus but either way they’re undoubtedly some of the best cameras. You’ll find in a smart phone and you could argue.

They provide the best all around experience as well from the versatile camera setup very solid and steady. Video capture to the wide selection of features and control you get there’s something in here for everyone and the results that you get are great. Which makes it one of the phone’s best features hands down.

Now this wouldn’t be a note video without mentioning the s-pen which of course is automatically one of the phone’s best features. I’m sure by now we all know what the stylus is all about and what it’s capable of doing. But it’s so nice to have and it opens up so many cool things, that can do things that other phones just don’t have it. Does have its gimmicks and that’s for sure but once you discover all the things that it can do. It shows that it can be a very useful companion to this phone.

Ports and Buttons

We have to mention the lack of a headphone jack. Now I understand we’re moving towards a wireless future and I know a lot of you are already there. I’ll admit I use wireless accessories way more often than wired ones.

However I do enjoy having the option to be able to use wired accessories for those times when I could actually genuinely use them. The Galaxy S10 series came with headphone jacks earlier this year. So it makes little sense to me why Samsung didn’t just close out 2019 with both of their flagships rocking one. I feel it really takes away from the whole Swiss Army knife aspect of the phone.

Fingerprint Scanner

Next up is the fingerprint scanner. Now the ultrasonic technology is neat and I’ll admit in my experience the scanner has not been horrible. But it hasn’t been phenomenal either. It hits more than it misses but it’s not as consistent as I believe.

It should or could be as a lot of other users have had way worse luck, than I have and it is definitely not my primary form of unlocking my phone. Now this is a light one, but it’s still worth mentioning that Galaxy Note 10 Plus cameras have downsides. as well telephoto and low light capabilities could use some work as inconsistencies are apparent with things.

Like overexposure and loss of color. There’s also the unfortunate lack of stabilization when recording in 4k at 60 frames per second. I said these are little things and the Galaxy Note 10 Plus cameras are still top two top three depending on who you are.

They could still use some improvement, while Samsung has made some huge improvements to their software with one UI. Android updates are still quite a heavy weakness for them. Question marks are flying around as we still don’t know, when we can expect to get the Android 10 update for the Galaxy Note 10. Even the S10 for that matter we do know that they’ve been tested with Android 10.

So that’s a good sign. But it’s still not enough and once again it doesn’t look like the note will get through 10 until spring. So it’s pretty sad last, but most certainly. We have to talk about the price. The Galaxy Note 10 Plus maybe the best all-around option out there with all of its features.

It’s loaded to spec sheet and all of that stuff but with the starting price of $1,100. It makes buying one a pretty tough pill to swallow luckily with Samsung devices prices.

Don’t always stay all the way up there. You can often find deals and even Samsung will let you trade in a device to slash the price in half. But still $1100 is very steep and in addition to that Samsung’s own as 10-plus is hundreds of dollars less.

It’s just something to think about with all of this being said the Galaxy Note 10.1. again could be considered a candidate for the best phone of the year. What are your thoughts on the Galaxy Note 10.1 are some of its other best and worst features.

Let’s talk about it down below. I hope you guys enjoyed the article. if you did feel free to hit that like button. Thank you so much for reading.

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