Top Best Free Photoshop Alternative 2020 – Adobe Photoshop Alternative

Top Best Free Photoshop Alternative – Adobe Photoshop Alternative 2019 – 2020

If you’re a graphic designer or photographer. Adobe Photoshop is one of the most powerful photo editors that you can use over time.

Adobe Photoshop ever best tool for photo editing and every other software can not beat Adobe Photoshop but it can be quite expensive even with Adobe’s most basic plan that will cost you around 120 dollars per year to use Photoshop. You can also download Adobe Photoshop CC 2020 life time pre-activated version

Thankfully there are free photoshop alternative that many of the same features. Coming up I’ll count down the five best free alternatives to Adobe Photoshop that will help you to create and edit your images like a pro. Let’s get started off our countdown at number five is,

Photoscape X


Top Best Free Photoshop Alternative 2019 - Adobe Photoshop
free photoshop alternative

Don’t let the ranking deter you this program is feature packed and even supports RAW files and other notable features include a photo viewer several batch options, a collage maker, GIF creator and there are tons of filters effects and various other tools to transform your image.

The layout is simple without too much clutter which makes it a great choice for beginners. The bar along the top is where you can select the type of project. You’re working on this is where you can select the editor collage maker and the GIF creator.

When editing a photo all the tools are located in the upper right there may be times when all you need to do to make your photo perfect is just to apply a new filter or effects.

If you need any help using any of the features select the photo scape icon in the upper lab select the topic you need help with.

I’ll go with 3d objects to the right click on the image this will open a webpage in your browser with a tutorial showing you how to use that feature.

Photoscape x is only available for Windows 10 and Mac for those of you running an older version of Windows the link to Photoscape 3.7 is still available on their home page on Windows 10.

They do offer a pro version of Photoscape X in the Microsoft Store for around $40 with additional tools for advanced users for most people the tools in the free version of Photoscape X will be enough to satisfy their photo editing needs.



Top Best Free Photoshop Alternative 2019 - Adobe Photoshop
free photoshop alternative

Coming in at number four is Its initial release was in 2004 as a more advanced alternative of Microsoft Paint. It has evolved quite a bit over the years and now includes blending and layer support automatic filters and external plugins created from the community that can be added to expand its capability.

Even with its outdated look the user interface is intuitive with the primary tools located along the left with additional tools located in the menu bar here at the top. is only available for Windows 7 or newer you can get it from the developers web site for free with the option to donate or if you prefer you can get it from the Microsoft Store for a minimal cost with the proceeds supporting.

The development of unit number three is photo PE which is now the best online photo editor that you can use it’s a web app. So it’ll run in any major browser without the need to download and install any software. It supports almost any image file type including Photoshop project files and RAW images from your camera.



Top Best Free Photoshop Alternative 2019 - Adobe Photoshop
free photoshop alternative

Coming in at number three is PhotoPea. All the photo editors mentioned in this article the layout of PhotoPea most closely resembles Photoshop with the tools along the left and the layers window here on the right.

Let’s go to file here in the menu bar this is where you can save your project as a PSD and export into the dual images as a PNG, JPEG and many others.

If you click on learn here in the upper right it will open a new tab with tutorials that will teach you how to use photo people while photo P is free there is the option to buy a license that removes the ads and gives you additional steps in your history. If you’re able to support the developer a 90-day license is $10 and a 30 day license is $5.

Bonus Software’s


Top Best Free Photoshop Alternative 2019 - Adobe Photoshop
free photoshop alternative

Before we jump into the top two picks, I’ll quickly go over four Honorable mentions that might be worth your time to check out for quick and easy tweaks to your photos. Adobe does offer a free program called Photoshop Express for Windows, Android and iOS.

With the Pixlr editor being phased out due to security concerns with flash Pixlr x is their new free online photo editor, but the basic tools included to quickly edit your photos within your favorite web browser,

Affinity photo is a program i’ve been testing out for the past few weeks. I’ll have a more detailed review on it later on long story. So far it’s been able to do everything Photoshop can do with no issues spoiler alert.

It might actually be better Affinity seems to be less bloated with improved stability and less crashes than Photoshop. It’s not free but it’s one-time fixed cost of just $49.99 for Windows and Mac might be worth it to you.

Pixelmator ProIf you want to avoid the reoccurring fees associated with Adobe Photoshop and Pixelmator pro is a Mac OS program that has been gaining popularity lately with tools and features similar to photoshop. It’s available in the App Store for around $40. That’s it for the honorable mentions.



Top Best Free Photoshop Alternative 2019 - Adobe Photoshop
free photoshop alternative

Let’s head back to the countdown in the runner-up spot the second best free Photoshop alternative is Krita. This open source program in recent years has improved quite a bit and includes a ton of features in addition to these standard editing tools.

It’s large amount of brush customizations and painter’s palette have made this program popular with people that do creative image design it has a great looking layout with the primary tools along the left on the right side of the image is the advanced color selector below that are your layers and a good amount of brush presets to bring up the Handy pop-up.

Palette on the left select the freehand brush tool then inside your image right click in the upper left of the palette are your foreground and background colors the color selector is located in the middle and the outer ring has quick access buttons to your brush presets.

Once you get familiar with the pop-up palette it does speed up the workflow quite a bit. If you want to learn how to use Krita check out the manual on their site which includes tutorials and a getting started guide. Krita is available for windows linux and mac.



Top Best Free Photoshop Alternative 2019 - Adobe Photoshop
free photoshop alternative

Coming in at number one is Gimp. This powerful open source photo editing software can do just about anything. Photoshop can with zero cost it includes advanced filters and effects the ability to work with layers, color adjustments, transformations and is compatible with most image file formats including support for photo shops PSD files.

Gimp layout has been described by many people as being clunky especially from those that have been longtime users of Photoshop. There’s large set of tools located in the toolbox on the left. Over on the right it’s where you can find these layers and brushes.

I personally prefer the floating windows layout if you don’t and you want a more traditional one window layout. In the menu bar select windows and click the box next to single window mode and to switch it back. Just go back into Windows again and uncheck the box.

GIMP is still my go to image editor when creating thumbnails for article and videos on this site and YouTube Channel. Once you get the hang of that GIMP is really easy to use. If you’ve never used GIMP do check out their numerous tutorials located on their side. It’s available to download for Linux Mac and Windows

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