How To Get Featured Snippets on Google?

Snippet Optimization Tutorial (Rank #0)

Hello everyone, welcome to the Blog. In this post I’m going to talk about Featured Snippets, Especially, What are they and how to optimize your content for them. If you want your website to rank on top, keep reading this article.

How To Get Featured Snippets on Google?

A Featured Snippet is often known as a quick answer box. They’re usually the first thing visitors see on Google.

How To Get Featured Snippets on Google

For example, if we search for “How to Optimize Content for SEO“. We’ll see bunch of ads and there’s the featured snippet.

As you see, they’re placed on top of the page, right below the ads, above the rest of the results page. They’re also called “Position 0.How to Optimize Content for SEO

What is “Position 0”?

Sometimes, even when there are lots of ads, a Featured Snippet can take up to half or more than half of the page.

I mean people are paying money to be there, but users are looking for a reputable source of information, and trust search Snippets even more. Nearly every single Google search term has a Snippet result.

Why Featured Snippets are Important?

By means of this, users can get the results directly even without leaving the page. Most of the users go to the result that actually ranks within the featured snippet.

Why Featured Snippets are Important

So, it is very good to have to rank higher and get organic traffic. Being featured on the Search Engine Result Page will also make way for increasing brand awareness and online reputation of a business.

There are Four Different Types of Featured Snippets.

You might see a List, or a Paragraph, or a Table, or a Video.

  • List
  • Paragraph
  • Table
  • Video

Well, being on top is definitely wanted by everyone. And of course, it is not easy to reach. But don’t panic because you’re reading this article.

I’m going to talk about “How to Optimize Your Content to be on Top”.

How to Optimize Your Content to be Featured Snippets?

First, you should know that there are ranking factors determined by Google for featured snippets. And the following are:

  • Quantity of Facts
  • Quantity of Keywords
  • The Freshness of the Answer
  • Relevance of the Page

Namely, the natural organic rankings. The answer with the highest relevance score is the one that ranks.

Keywords Research for “Position 0”

So, to optimize your content for featured snippets, the first thing you could do is to make a Keyword Research. The more words in the query, the higher the chance of the SERP returning a featured snippet.

According to SEMrush’s data only 4.3 % of keywords made up of a single word had a Featured Snippet and, on the contrary, the 17 % is for the keywords made up of 5 words.

Keywords Research for Position 0

So, search for the query you’re you’re going to try to rank for and see what Google is already showing. While searching for the query, mind the format used in the featured snippet. Are they showing a paragraph Featured Snippet, or a List, or a Table?

As you write, use the formats, naturally within your content. Try to be concise yet complete as much as possible while sticking to roughly 40-50 words.

29% of keywords that triggered a Featured Snippet started with a question-based word such as “Why, Do and Can”. Note that data while writing your content.

The most important thing to increase your visibility within the featured snippet box is to run a quick audit of the keywords that you’re ranking for within your current SEO campaign and how many of them are question-based queries.

Once you know how well your content is structured, then you can plan to re-optimize your content based on these practices.

Use Relevant Images for Featured Snippets

Another thing you could do is to use relevant images. The average graphic in a featured snippet is basically “160×200 pixels“.

So, try to keep that ratio with your own images. If Google uses them in Featured Snippets, it will create a thumbnail, so if you like, you can scale up to “960x1200px” for better quality. 70% of Featured Snippets are pulled from sites in Positions 2 through 10.

Using H2 or H3 Tags

So format your content using clean code. Place the query in an H2 or H3 tag and include the answer directly below this heading.

Answers should be enclosed in paragraph tags and should be between 54-58 words long. List and table information should also be formatted with the proper tags.

Finally, keep tracking the different types of content that Google is keeping, and then align your content directly to that Alright, that’s going to do it for featured snippets.

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