How to Download Your Facebook Profile Information 2021

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how to download your Facebook Profile information

How to Download Your Facebook Profile Information 2021

First of all, now open Facebook using any kind of browser and then click on the down arrow, go to the Settings & Privacy option then click on Settings.

facebook profile info

Now here you can see there are so many options you need to click on Privacy Option right.

After clicking on Privacy here you can see your Facebook Information option, you need to click on that.

Your Facebook Information download

After clicking on that here you can see the Download Profile Information okay.

So, as if you click on that you can see there are lots of things like you know, there you will be able to download your Facebook Posts, Photos, Videos, Comments, Likes, and Reactions I mean every single like data about on your Facebook.

So, here you can see all the information is right down here. So, you guys can check out before doing it. Now if you click on Create File there you can see that a copy of your information is being created.

So, it will take a like it might take a couple of hours if your information is so you know it depends on the quality and data, whenever your information is created you might get a notification of from notification option that your file is created successfully.

Now, if you can’t find the information, I mean the notification you simply need to go to Settings Options and then privacy option and then your Facebook Profile information and here you can see available copies.

If you click on here if your file, you know the creation is done successfully, you will be able to see your files okay so there are four files basically and you need to download all these files to download your information right.

I am just showing you guys I’m downloading one of these files now it will, it will want a password for me you simply need to put your password. Like I’m putting my password, so there will be there will be lots of file if there are more than, uh four files you also need to download all them all.

Then you need to extract them okay, so it’s been downloaded so after downloading this file you simply need to go to your desktop I mean where you downloaded the file like I am I have downloaded this file on Internet Download Manager (IDM) using IDM. So, I’m just going to the directory of that file.

You need to extract this file right so but I’m just showing you guys I’m extracting a simple file just to show you guys. So, after extracting you can see, uh just simply open some files okay so, there this is the these are the media files.

Whenever your all file will be downloaded you will be able to see in the html format you know and all you need to do is simply need to extract this file. After extracting you will be you will understand automatically how you can, you know check your information and lots of things and guys if you have any kind of question regarding this article our comment box is always open.

You can ask us anything we if you don’t understand anything we’ll try to answer them in the comment section. So, the file is still being extracted okay.

Yeah, that’s it you can simply do all you need to do just to download all these files. So, I hope you guys understand how you can do it and make sure to leave a like in this article and have if you have any kind of question I am asking you guys

Again, just um just comment down below and ask anything in the comment section I will see you in the next article until then stay tuned and easter with SaveFreeStuff.

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