How to Disable Windows 10 Update Automatic

Hey there! Hope you will fine, Here, Faheem Rasool I’ve been trying to disable Windows 10 Update Automatic, search no further guys because in this article I’m going to show you how to permanently Disable Windows 10 Update Automatic.

Disable Windows 10 Update Automatic

Friends, you are welcome back to my SaveFreeStuff Blog in case you are new here. I write articles on tech tutorials, make money online and app review. In this article I’m going to show you how to permanently disable Windows 10 update automatic.

How to Disable Windows 10 Update Automatic

As you can see here I’m going to show you how to permanently disable a windows 10 automatic update. In case you are new to this blog please don’t forget to subscribe and turn on the notification bell to receive update.

Windows 10 disable automatic updates

Whenever I release new article so, let me walk you through the article okay.

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Step 1:
Hold the Windows key and click the R button you can see here, simply type this “gpedit.msc” hits the enter button.

Disable MS Windows 10 updates

Step 2: 

  1. So, I’m just going to expand this click on Computer Configuration,
  2. Click on the Administrative Templates.
  3. You can see and click on Windows Components.
  4. Now you can see Windows Components.

Then scroll down to the bottom till you see Windows Updates.

Step 3:

Now, click on Windows Update.

You can see here to configure Automatic Updates.

Windows 10 Update Disable


Step 4:

Now, double click on Configure Automatic Update.

Windows Update Disable


Step 5:

Then select disable click on apply and ok just by following these simple steps you’ve disabled the Windows 10 Aautomatic Update okay.

How to disable Windows 10 updates


This step is very easy you can enable it back any day there be anytime you feel, I need to update my windows or I need to update some of my apps or anything you can easily follow this step back again to enable your Windows 10 Automatic Update or you can rather set it or not configure to allow you to decide when to update and when not to update.

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