Dell XPS 13 | Dell 10th Generation 4K Laptop Detail And Review 2020

Hello Guys! In this article we will discuss about Dell XPS 13 10th Gen 4K Laptop. So Guys this is the late 2019 edition of the Dell XPS 13 the model number is 7390.

Yeah they’re kind of jumbled the numbers around a little bit just to challenge us but anyway late 2019 edition with Intel 10th generation CPUs. What’s interesting here is instead of the new 10th generation ice-like CPUs that we’re seeing a lot of competing ultrabooks that are very compact 13.3 inch. Do You Know About 5 Incredible Free Software. You’ll Wish You Knew Earlier 2019 – 2020


Dell XPS 13 - Dell XPs 15
Dell XPS 13

Let’s Start to Learn All About DELL XPS 13 10th Gen Laptop


Dell decided to go with comet Lynx so that’s potentially more powerful particularly with the core i7 that adds more cores up to six cores and that’s the model we have we’re gonna look at it now. So in terms of design you wouldn’t be able to tell this from the previous generation. It’s really the same you have three color choices.

You have the one that we have which has been around for a long time. Now it’s still nice silver outside and the black carbon fiber interior or there’s a rose gold with the white weave interior and that’s a glass fiber interior that’s made of some kind of silicon crystal material is pretty durable and then there’s also the Alpine white which is well whiter.

So they’ll says the white interiors are even whiter they added more titanium dioxide those of you who are painters actually know what that means. So a little bit more white pigment to make it look a little whiter otherwise it’s the same it’s pretty durable. It doesn’t end to yellow good times that still a unibody aluminum construction very sturdy very dense never a complaint.

Thunderbolt 3 Ports

They’re still dongle he’ll here we’re looking at us BC and Thunderbolt 3 ports. You get two Thunderbolt 3 40 gigabit per second importance one of these will be used for charging by the way and a USB see general and that does support Display Port and power delivery and you have a headphone jack yay and a micro SD card slot. That’s pretty much it for your connectivity as ever a very small footprint very light 2.8 pounds which is 1.2 3 kilograms and 11.6 millimeters thin.

Dell XPS 13 / DELL XPS 15 10th Generation Laptop
Dell XPS 13

The keyboard of this also is unchanged and still backlit in white 1.3 millimeters of key travel a little harsh and abrupt on the finger joints But you get used to it. Dell has been doing this for ever and a lot of other manufacturers .So it’s a normal keyboard at least I’ll be just short travel and we have a Microsoft precision trackpad for displays and just like last gen. Also You Can Read My Opinions About Samsung Galaxy Note 10 After One Month of Use.

Display and Protection

You have your full HD IPS option and that’s a matte non-touch display and then there’s the one we have which is the 4k glossy touchscreen Gorilla Glass 4 on top and they say there’s a 0.65% anti-reflective coating. It still looks classy trust me on that but it helps a little bit with the ambient reflections and Gorilla Glass tends to be highly reflective. But you know in a bright environment happily though that 4k display we measured it 470 minutes which is exceptionally bright. So that can combat a lot of glare.

So the rest of the metrics of the display you can see them on screen this is one of those full SRGB and around 76% of Adobe RGB displays. It’s not a wide gamut display but it’s nice and it’s pretty well color calibrated from the factory in terms of you can see the color accuracy graph.
Dell XPS 13

There so they did a good job and typically their Full HD display is quite nice too with similar gamut. So yeah I felt does a good job and of course you have the infinity edge nearly no bezels on the edge and a smaller than ever webcam fingerprint scanners optionally. You can get that embedded in the power button. it works pretty decently on this. By the way if you like this but you wanted to in one version.

Specs, Pricing and Benchmark

We already test the Dell XPS 13 2 in one edition and that one does use Intel ice-like go figure but that one’s a convertible and that one supports a pen starts more than this one does let you pay extra for the convertible feature speaking of pricing. This starts at about (950$) nine hundred and fifty dollars but that gets you a very low in configuration.
Dell XPS 13

The full HD display a core i3 build core four gigs of ram and the 256 gig SSD. So probably that’s not the one that you’re gonna want ours configured with the core i7 16 gigs of ram which is the max and the 512 gig SSD. 4k display is around 1600 dollars.  So it’s a premium laptop and ain’t cheap that’s for sure.

So let’s talk about those processors again Intel 10th generation. It’s the same architecture is whiskey like and we’ve thrown some more cores in but only for the core i7. So you can get a core i3 and you can get a core i5 which is a quad core just like the previous generations and the core i7 is up to 6 cores for potentially a lot more computing power and on the benchmarks.
Dell XPS 13

CPU and GPU Information

It looks as good as say an Intel 7th gen 45 watt laptop like an XPS 15 not bad. Now keep in mind though with benchmarks most of them are pretty run. So even if you run them over and over again you get a little chance for it to cool down. So it doesn’t have the full stamina of a 45 watt CPU even looking back in 7th gen.

If you’re doing something it takes a sustained long high output like say exporting a 4k video in Adobe Premiere still better to choose a 15 inch mobile workstation sort of laptop for that or a gaming laptop, but it does certainly lift above. It’s very minimal weight and it’s a pretty impressive jump in performance.

It’s the alternative would be the 10 nanometer ice Lake architecture which stays at quad core for the core i7 and that’s what’s in the Dell XPS 13 2 & 1 the HP Spectre x-360 13 inch OLED display. So this one is a little bit faster particularly if you’re gonna go with that core i7. That’s where you’re gonna see the biggest jump in performance in graphics.

However you’re not gonna see much of a jump in performance because they’re sticking within telling you HD graphics. They don’t even call it 620 anymore maybe because they don’t want you to think about it’s the same graphics as the last generation. So we’re isolate got faster until iris + graphics this one sticks with the same.
Dell XPS 13

So it depends on what your needs are if you want more graphics on because you like to play some games. If you’re doing even that video that I was talking about video editing as there are times when the GPU can help even an integrated until iris + sort of GPU there it’s a tough decision to make but for people who are doing a lot of number crunching and that sort of thing well are even coating and that’s mostly a CPU intensive.

So that’s what you should go with it in terms of noise we have two fans now but it does not get loud. I mean you’ll hear it if you’re really pushing it hard but it’s more like your typical ultrabook hiss and not a war roar and in terms of temperatures to the skin that really Dell has done a pretty good job with that over the years.

So we have that Gore insulation so that’s supposed to help keep the CPU a little cooler by dissipating heat while having your legs not fry and it’s still a thin no Ultrabook. So you’ll feel heat on the bottom but usually it’s not burning hot unless you really are doing something like a 4k video export or compiling an incredibly big million lines of code program which is probably not what you’re going to usually use a 13-inch ultrabook for anyway.

So it’s decently well controlled that CPU will jump up in temperature though Dell lets it really fly there right up to the thermal Ronald point so that means you can sit near a hundred degrees centigrade for core temperatures which is Mattox allowable, but again only if you’re bench marking are really really pushing it hard otherwise it typically runs in the 40s and the 50s centigrade for a moderate work.

Battery Life and Performace

Battery life will depend on whether you get the 4k display or the full HD 4k more pixels to push around. So shorter battery life and yes by the way even if you set the resolution lower that’s still the case because there’s still that many physical pixels to drive on the display same 52 on our battery. That we’ve seen same 45 watt charger identical in fact.
Dell XPS 13

I am surprised Dell hasn’t gone with the 65 won this point which a lot of competitors have to speed up charging some but on the flip side at least it is a really really tiny little charger. We have the 4k with the core i7 so this is the worst case for battery life and with the display set to 200 nits of brightness. We’ve averaged about seven and a half hours of light to moderate productivity work obviously.

It’s gonna be shorter if you’re pushing it harder doing something more challenging and if you get the full HD display, Dell says expect around to two and a half hours more battery life. It’s pretty easy say if you go out that core i5 instead of a core i7 and the full HD display to expect to get something up to 10 to 11 hours. If you’re reminding your battery and using the Dell performance power profiles to optimize for battery life versus performance. So it’s decent and it’s not bad to get inside the Dell XPS 13.

Hardware Assembling And Dissembling

Well it’s the good the bad the ugly the good is that the torques T-50 visible and easy to remove the bad is applied that plastic clips are tenacious. You really have to work a credit card around the edges of this to get it off and the ugly is with the edges here some of them are kind of sharp. So don’t let it pinch down and like cut your fingernail or whatever you know. Do You Know About 5 Best and 5 Worst Things of Samsung Galaxy Note 10?

Dell XPS 13 - Dell XPs 15
Dell XPS 13

So there you have a nice metal bottom removed and there’s our internals not much really different from the previous generations. We have our 52 watt hour battery here. We have speaker drivers that are located on each side right there and there and we have our m dot 2 SSD under a heat dissipating cover right there.
Dell XPS 13

We have Core insulation Dell tells us which helps keep it cold and help us stay cooler as well two fans that’s nice to see but now we’re up to six cores boy you need a little help especially with something this thin and light the Wi-Fi card is soldered on you can see the antenna leads here.
Dell XPS 13

This is the Wi-Fi chip and RAM is soldered on. So you can’t upgrade the RAM later get it with the amount that you want so that’s the Dell XPS 13 7394 late 2019 more of the same thing but that’s probably a good thing because people really love this laptop for reason super well built nearly no bezels on this good performance and 4k display option Full HD.

If you don’t want to push all those pixels around it. So it’s all there for you and a lot of Thunderbolt connectivity legacy ports men not so much. Hope you like this short intro of Dell XPS 13. Stay Connect with us for more Tech Reviews and Articles. Also Like and Share this information with your friends and family.


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