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Best Android Games List For October 2019

I know you guys have caught up to many of the Best Android Games out there and you’ve been literally flooding our comment section with requests for all the new crazy games that you haven’t seen before. Well you know what that is what we’re gonna cover today.

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Hey everyone this is SaveFreeStuff again and welcome to Android tools. So today we’re gonna be counting down our top picks for the Top Android Games of October 2019, Let’s get started

This Is the Police 2


Starting off at Number 10 in Best Android Games. We have This is the Police. Now this is a management game where you run a police department respond to crimes and collect hush money to keep the feds off. Your back initially a simple task it rapidly spins into a mess of complications for you to sort out and find compromises to keep a town from chaos.

it’s a fun delve into the life of a police chief even if that life isn’t always happy this story is enjoyable woven into each day and constantly developing throughout the game. However its impact on the actual play running the city’s day-to-day policing is minimal and serves as a framing device for new entries on your to do list.

Extreme Football


Moving on Number 9 in Best Android Games. We have Extreme Football, Extreme Football is a street soccer game in which two mixed teams of three players that compete in exciting three minute games.

The game’s rules are similar to most soccer games once the timer reaches zero the team with the most points wins the game. Always has three on three games but you can only control one player this means that you can’t change players during the game but you can tap a button to ask your teammates to pass to you.

If you’re open learn to play with your entire team to beat the exciting soccer games overall extreme football is a fun soccer game that stands out for its great graphics.

Zombie Blast Crew


Coming in Best Android Games at Number 8. We have Zombie Blast Crew. This is a top down single stick shooter where the aim of the game is to get supplies and kill zombies.

Although the aiming is automatic don’t assume this will be a walk in the park there are a ton of zombie standing between you and safety only the most tactical players will survive.

It’s been 11 months since the initial outbreak and your team has had enough of sleeping rough it’s time to take back the cities and clear out the killer zombies from their concrete jungles the game is in soft-launched in the Philippines Malaysia Canada UK Australia and New Zealand sorry USA.

Blast Bots


Next up Best Android Games at Number 7. We have Blast BOTS.

Blast BOTS is a fascinating and vivid action shooter for mobile devices where you have to assemble a combat robot from scratch. It’ll be a real find for fans of dynamic game play and spectacular PvP battles.

First it’s important to collect your own combat robot give him a memorable appearance as a variety of useful abilities and weapons get ready for incredible fights in the arena where you’ll face players from around the globe equipped.

The robot with powerful and technological weapons think over the equipment and destroy enemies with crushing blows.

Slaughter 3 – The Rebels

Slaughter 3 - The Rebels

Moving on Best Android Games to Number 6. We have Slaughter 3. In this game you’ll play for the hero who was trapped arranged the angry and violent prison inmates and only you can help them.

Get out of this hell grab a weapon and go out into the streets of the city filled with thugs and criminals fight them and try to find out a large number of different enemies with different abilities will require a unique approach and tactics to everyone.

A huge arsenal of weapons ranging from small caliber pistols ending with the beauty of a machine gun an exciting story campaign the ability to interact with allies and a team as well as exquisite high quality graphics.

Murderous Pursuits


Moving on Best Android Games to Number 5. We have Murderous Pursuits.

Murderous Pursuits as a role-playing game that challenges. You to go onboard the HMCS Britannic ship. In order to get rid of the suspicious player before they get to you pay close attention to the different settings and keep your eyes open to strike the enemy at the right moment.

The 3D visuals also make it really easy for you to identify the players and other elements in the beginning. You’ll be introduced to the story by opening a letter that one of the guests wrote to you to put in context after that you become one of the passengers of the ship and begin your search for the enemy without knowing their identity.

Bitter End – Multiplayer First Person Shooter


Next up Best Android Games at number 4. We have a Bitter End.

Now this is a competitive online FPS with adrenaline-filled gameplay and stunning graphics. Choose the preferred mode land on one of the beautiful maps and let the fun.

Start during the first five minutes of a match the pendulum of victory will not stop swinging there are plenty of abilities that fit any role in the match. Although it’s a first-person shooter your team matters like never before a huge variety of different weapons either it’s an hour blast or a mini gun.

You’ll be able to fight your way to the top of the ranking lists whether you’re a brawler or a healer type of player. You’ll find something that will help your tactics to be more effective.

Mario Kart Tour


In Number 3 Best Android Games. We have Mario Kart Tour.

Mario Kart Tour is the first adaptation of the incredible. Mario Kart saga for smartphones which puts you behind the wheel of vehicles that can drive on land water and air.

No type of terrain can stop Mario Yoshi peach and all of their friends but keep in mind that in the smartphone version not all of the characters are unlocked from the get-go as can be expected.

In Mario Kart tour you can enjoy some of the franchise’s most popular tracks such as Luigi’s track or peaches Beach track again not all the circuits are available at first but they can be if you’re willing to pay for them.

Metal Revolution


Next up Best Android Games Number 2. We have Metal Revolution.

This is a robot fighting game and a fresh new cyberpunk style compared to other traditional fighting games. It has a minimalistic controls while still being able to keep depth and balance for the higher level competitive play like rising thunder metal revolution brings a simplified control scheme.

Now this could make the game slightly easier to get into however the depth for veteran fighting players is absolutely still there the gameplay is fast paced and fluid and each character has their own ultimate skill that lets you and your opponent in style.

Call of Duty®: Mobile (C.O.D)


Finally at Number 1 in Best Android Games List. We have Call of Duty Mobile.

Call of Duty Mobile (COD) is a new installment of the Call of Duty saga created exclusively for mobile devices. It’s set in the modern war conflicts and in fact. You’ll play along with characters and scenarios from the black ops and modern warfare spin-offs.

The main incentive lives in the fact that although it’s a free game. It’s game system has no chips on a children regard to its predecessors in this game. You’ll find several game modes zombies multiplayer and even a hearty battle royale mode which unlocks at level seven.

This is a fantastic game and one of the most anticipated releases of 2019 offering an experience that’s not far off from what’s found in other installments of the saga.

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