How to Backup and Restore Drivers Windows 10 Using Command Prompt

Hello friends, welcome back to my Blog hope you were good friends today I’ll about you that how to Backup and Restore Drivers Windows 10 using command prompt.

how to backup and restore drivers windows 10

Friends if you do backup drivers so you can use this later on when you will reinstall windows for this you can use USB Drive to backup but if you want you can also backup and restore in sweet wave and later on you can move.

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How to Backup and Restore Drivers Windows 10 Using Command Prompt

Friends to backup and register files you have to go on this PC first then you have to go on C:/ drive then here you have to make a folder then you can give the name of this folder DriverBackup then you can click on empty space then you can make a refresh once then you can open this folder.

Step #1: Open Command Prompt (CMD)

My friend so double click on it and see my friends this folder is empty right so close this window now we have to go on Windows dialog box and you have to type here CMD then command prompt will appear on the top.

Now you have to click the right button of your mouse then you have to click on Run as Administrator then my friends user account control will ask you to give permission so I have to click on Yes.

export computer driver


Then you will get an interface like this my friend then have to type a command here so friends you have to type the following comment this one my friend you have to make copy this one then you have to paste over there friends and hit the Enter key. (you can see also screenshot)

Step #2: Paste following Code:

dism /online /export-driver /destination:C:\DriverBackup

import computer driver,

Over there my friends so minimize this one so make it paste here my friends then simply you have to press enter and see my friends it is working and friends don’t close this one until finish the work friends when work will be finished then you will find the operation completed successfully.

So friends, we have to wait few seconds here and see my friends hair has been written right the operation completed successfully so my friends.

Step #3: Check Creating DriveBackup.

You can close this window now you have to go to C:/ Drive this folder I have created right for backup right, so open this with my friend and see my friends, there’s all the backup files friends sometimes you’ll not get your backup file on here.

how to backup and restore drivers of computer by command prompt


My friends at the time you have to go on Windows then you have to go on system32 this one my friends, then you have to go on drive restore and here you will find your backup drivers my friend and my friends your backup file format will be (.) dot.

I, and f not (.) MSI and also not .exe file friends later on you can move this file to your USB my friends to use so friends like this can make backups and restore your drivers.

Friends to backup and restore your Driver Pack, if you face any problems feel free to ask me in the comment box I’ll try to give an answer as soon as possible to my friends.

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